Forest Park via Germantown Rd. (revisited)

You’ll find me on various parts of the Wildwood Trail at least once a week, so it feels weird to “revisit” it. However, spring in Forest Park is popping off right now and I have a new favorite loop that deserves a little attention.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

I said this in the first write-up and it’s gloriously true: you can go however long you want on this section of the Wildwood and loop back to the parking area by taking any one of the left side trails downhill to Leif Erickson Dr. and turn left. When you reach the Leif Erickson trailhead, you can finish the loop back up to the Wildwood trailhead via the Cannon Trail.

Right now, when I don’t do the full 8.3 mile loop, I like to turn left on the Springville Rd. connector trail creating a 4.72 mile loop. I also found that Springville Rd. is the least muddy and least steep of all of the other connecting options. Notice: the signs for the Waterline Trail (second left from the trailhead) and the Springville Rd. trail (third left from the trailhead) are down and have been down for as long as I can recall. You can save and use the little map below for help.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

The first Unlikely Hikers group hike was on this sweet lil loop!


Reinventing green. I want someone to shoot the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” laser at me so I can live on this nurse stump.



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