Femmes to the Front!

A few things:

#1 and foremost, I’m on a RAD podcast and I couldn’t be happier about it. Lacy Davis, of Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell, has a new podcast called, Femmes to the Front. I loved doing this with her and I lovelovelove the end result. I do not love the clicking sound of my headphones cord knocking against my earrings making a sound not unlike those awful dry mouth clicks on NPR, but what can I do except make unattractive, self-conscious comments about it? Please download and leave Lacy an iTunes review because that’s how those of us doing this online thing succeed ❤


#2 I have great updates on the way, but do you know how hard it is to have a full-time job, make time for hiking and then actually write about it? It’s basically impossible, but I do my best. I cannot wait until I’m able to make a lil money doing this… (there’s a hint about future announcements in there somewhere.)

#3 You know that newsletter I said would come out in early March? It’s still going to happen. See #2.


  1. Love the name of that podcast! I hear ya on the blog slog…I had to like schedule in some posts when I got back east cuz I like sharing my adventures even though barely anybody ever reads my blog and I’m like why do I even have a blog but then I’m like cuz it connects me to other bloggers and writing is fun and if I never made a blog I wouldn’t have met you and gone on that incredible adventure in the Gorge!

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    1. It’s true! Also, I usually feel like “nobody’s reading this” because I generally don’t get a lot of feedback, but then I’ll be talking to people and they’ll be like, “oh yeah, I read that on your blog” etc and then I remember that I don’t comment on every damn thing I read either. People are reading! I mean, I am definitely reading your blog and I’m always looking forward to your new posts.

      I almost quit doing this a few months ago when I was suuuuuper depressed and nothing was making me happy, but then I just asked myself, “even if no one reads this, is it better for me to be doing this than to not be doing it?” I really do love doing this. The only time it’s not fun is when I make it not fun. I feel a tangent firing up so I’m going to stop 🙂


      1. Basically, whenever I am looking for connection and validation from the internet its like a sign that I need to log off and go look at the sky…haha. Yeah depression and insecurity flares up my blog-questioning existentialism.


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