I’m in a Magazine!

I’m beyond excited to announce that something I’ve written is featured in the Spring issue of FabUplus Magazine! FabUplus is a fitness magazine for the plus-size woman. There’s absolutely NO weight-loss talk or even an undertone of encouragement to alter women’s bodies in any way. I’m extremely proud to be a part of this fantastic magazine. My hometown girl, Ashley Nell Tipton, being on the cover is a major bonus.

My piece is basically a beginner hiking 101. When I submitted it, I never thought for a second that I’d get an entire freaking page! GAH! The lovely photos (there are a couple elsewhere in the magazine separate from the article) were taken by my incredibly talented and possibly too generous friend, Megan Holmes.

Now you all know about my goofy crooked smile, but I think there needs to be more teeth on the internet, right?

You can grab a copy at Barnes & Noble and Books a Million in the US. In Canada, you can get it at Chapters/Indigo and Walmart. Be sure to take an Instagram selfie with the magazine and you might get featured on the FabUplus Instagram! Allies get featured, too!


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