I’m working on some sweet new updates, but for now, I just wanted to say if you aren’t following me on all of my GD social media stuff, why?!

Instagram: jennybruso *and* Unlikely Hikers

Facebook: Jenny Bruso & Unlikely Hikers

Let’s connect.

6 thoughts on “Pssst…

  1. I’ve been on a long hiatus from social media. I deleted my 800 “friends” and deactivated my FB account 3+ years ago. I have never set up an instagram or twitter account. Setting up this blog last year was my first delve back into this world.

    Based on a recent astrology reading I have decided to re-activate my FB account and create an instagram. But I’ve been putting that off… I worry my adventures will be tainted by the distraction of needing a witness.

    Once I get over this procrastination I shall find u on these other platforms!!!

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    1. Tam! I am such a social mediaphobe, but also totally addicted and now there’s this terrible addition of feeling like I truly NEED to network to turn all of this (my blog, my writing, etc) into A Thing. I’ve spent a lot of time kicking and screaming at giving in to the fact that this is just how we communicate now. I have totally deleted my fb a few times. Fb is the worst. It’s psychic death. It’s all so counterintuitive, but I’ve also felt lonely when I haven’t used it because I would actually miss out on things. In Portland, communicating about events, even personal ones, is sooooo fb based. I would really recommend you set very firm boundaries before starting these new accounts! When my boundaries are good, things don’t get too weird. Ideally, don’t go on in the morning, or in the last few hours before bed. And try not to go on too much! I’m at a place where I absentmindedly just go on instagram as soon as I pick up my phone. It doesn’t feel good. Oh god, I have so much to say about this! But yeah, find me when you do, ha!

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      1. P.S. I’ll be in PDX in late March visiting Travis and attempting to go splitboarding on Mt Hood 😬

        Maybe you can take me on a little hike?

        Since being off FB I go to zero events and I have 3 friends. Ha. But I do think it’s really useful!!! I played in various bands years ago and it was a great way to promote and stay in the loop. Then my life got really insular and I’d go on FB and just get depressed. But I have hope that I might be able to have a healthy relationship with it🙏🏽

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