The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts – Hanne Blank

The idea of exercise has gotten completely screwed up. None of us are exempt from this culture of body shame, even people who have the “right” bodies and do all of the “right” things. We are told our bodies need to be “fixed” and we can do that with exercise. We aren’t told it just feels good and makes our bodies, minds and overall health better. Strong on motivation, inspiration and information, Blank explores the myriad reasons fat women resist exercise and healthy body practices and what they can do to change that. This book is incredibly comprehensive, it feels difficult to detail. I especially loved the things she wrote about how to combat subtle and overt fatphobia and body-shaming (from others *and* the little voices in our own heads), proper nutrition without preaching, work out gear, what happens in our bodies when we exercise and so on. Honestly, I think anyone who is struggling with starting their own healthier body practice would likely find what they need in this crucial book. VERY recommended.

Quote: …exercise gives your body to you. It blows the dust off it and gives it a little shine and it hands it over with a weird little curtsey that makes you understand, maybe for the first time, that this body of yours is actually kind of wonderful, maybe even miraculous. Movement teaches you, in visceral, wordless ways similar to the ways sex does, what your body is all about. Most of all, it teaches you that your body is not just a sort of jar made out of meat that you lug around because it’s what you keep your brain in, but an equal and in fact quite opinionated and demonstrative partner in the joint production that is you. Exercise keeps you honest about this. When you forget, it taps you on the shoulder, points to your body and says, “Excuse me, I believe this is yours.”

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