The Adventure Gap – James Edward Mills

The central story follows Expedition Denali, the first all Black mountaineering team to attempt summiting Denali, but it is so much more than that. Mills is a talented chronologer and historian who exposes the missing and even hidden history of Black people in the outdoors and the ways that has lead to disinterest in outdoor exploration existing today in the Black community. I found the story and history so incredibly exciting, so moving, but also tragic in it’s lack of exposure. I want to do everything I can as an unlikely outdoorsperson to help bring stories like these to light. Read this book!!!

Quote: The mountain and weather and avalanches don’t know or even care what race you are, how short or tall, or whether you’re a man or woman. There on the mountain, you’re just a climber.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this excellent book. I read it last year and it really opened my eyes to the reasons why there aren’t more people of color in the outdoors and the barriers many face. It was also super-inspiring to follow the story of their assent of Denali. Hope more of us read this to make us better informed.


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