Six months of gay, weird, fat nature bloggery!

It’s been six months of I Take the Long Way and it feels something like PURPOSE. I still don’t always know what I’m doing or where it’s going, but I know that it has become a thing. I see so many people doing the trails I post and it feels like I’ve done something really good. One of my favorite things to comfort myself with is the knowledge that nothing exists alone. I do this for myself, but I also know that part of my purpose is to share my findings with other people, especially with other Unlikely Hikers. Thank you for helping me fulfill that.

Might as well install a wind-up crank in my back because I am going to say this forever and ever, in the biggest and smallest ways, getting out into nature has changed my life. Nature is the only place I can turn down the noise in my head and disengage with the harmful dominant culture. I can take up as much space as I want and also revel in the minuteness of my existence. This is such a gift. The idea of exercise has been ruined by our culture. We are told we can exercise to lose weight or tone parts of our bodies we hate. We aren’t told it just feels good. It makes our bodies work better, our minds clearer, our sleep better. It’s meditative. It can even be a spiritual practice. Don’t believe the hype about what it looks like and means to be “outdoorsy.” You don’t have to be anything to get down with nature. Get out, whatever that looks like for you, and let it heal your fucking life.

I still don’t know how to promote this thing, but that’s given me all the more room to fine tune and work on my craft. As much as I love my loner hermitude, I know I need to find ways to put myself out there more. Please tell a friend or share on social media if you feel moved to. If you use anything on my website, I would love to know about it. Use the hashtags #unlikelyhiker or #itakethelongway on Instagram, or comment wherever on the blog. I want to know you’re out there and I’d so appreciate the boost!

Love love love,


  1. Congrats on growing this blog for half a year! Yours in a refreshing voice. Keep telling your story. Sometimes it feels so lonely- and I get so fed up when I feel like everyone in the trail is an an REI ad. But then I read your blog, and it gives me hope that yes we are out there!

    Keep on inspiring everyone to get outside an enjoy it!!!

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  2. I love this! I started getting up early and running/biking on the trails last year thinking “But I’m not THAT person.” It’s easier to do 30 minutes of something at the gym and check it off the old To Do list. But that doesn’t change your mind and your attitude and your life! It is now my meditation and my lifeline to happiness and contentment. Keep doing what you’re doing bc I’ll be following along for sure.


    1. So so true. I hear this big time. I had a gym membership a couple of years ago, but it just felt soul-sucking. It made me not want to exercise at all! I committed to hiking more, instead, but it does take so much more time. Balance! Thanks for piping up. Keep up your nature grind!


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