Siouxon Creek (revisited)

(Clockwise from top: Chelsea, Brie, Vanessa & Erin)

Siouxon Creek, oh, how I love you. I love you in the fall, I love you in winter, I love you in spring. I’m sure I’ll love you in summer and will find out eventually.

It was the natural choice for my birthday hike. Or, what I was calling “my birthday hike” before deciding it wasn’t my birthday hike because hardly anyone could go and calling it that made it feel too personal or loaded or something. Not only could people not go, but I knew the weather wouldn’t be good, so I was happy that anyone wanted to go at all.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

People don’t like to hike in the rain. I mean, in some distant corner of my mind, the place where I never used to exercise and saw the rain as a reason to just stay inside all day, that makes sense. Really, but I haven’t been in touch with that place for so long. Not that I love hiking in the rain, but shit, I live in the Pacific Northwest. If I only go out when it isn’t raining, who knows what the mess in my head or my precarious relationship with my body would be like. This shit has become my survival, rain or shine.

The trail was gorgeous even in the unrelenting rain which, of course, stopped as soon as we got back to the car. Hiking is like that. It’s always cloudy or foggy at the best viewpoint and it always stops raining as soon as you’ve finished the trail. I think it’s good for us.

The turn-off for Chinook Creek Falls was in sight, but the last creek crossing just before the bridge was just too high and swift and I was with smart people who care about not getting hypothermia, unlike me who would’ve crossed it no matter how stupid it was, so we made it our turnaround point. Still a good 7.4 miles.

IMG_2281To the right, the difficult creek crossing. The bridge is the turn off to Chinook Creek Falls.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

Check out other times I’ve done this trail: October 21, 2016

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