Coyote Wall (revisited)

This is my favorite trail. Not one of my favorite trails, it is my favorite trail. It has officially stolen Cape Horn’s thunder. Yep, I’ve said it.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

The thing about Coyote Wall, and the eastern Gorge in general, is it changes so much from season to season. I was only there about three months ago and it looked totally different than last time. It is always such an experience! I will be hitting this one up again soon as I’ve heard the balsamroot has jumped up and hopefully that means the lupine is on it’s way.


Unlike, last time’s weather fail, I did do the Labyrinth Trail this time and it was more beautiful than I could even recall. I love how the crazy downhill switchbacks at the end almost make it seem like you’re veering off course, but nope. Labyrinth Falls was more full than I’d ever seen it, too.

(Click for trail specifics and more photos)

Check out other times I’ve done this trail: November 18, 2015

2 thoughts on “Coyote Wall (revisited)

  1. Gorgeous photos! Oh how wonderful to have a favorite trail that you can enjoy in every single season, in every kind of weather, that never gets old.


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