Ms. DJ

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet because it deserves it’s own story, but I used to DJ. “Used to” is strong. For five years, I threw a queer dance party in Portland called, Dirt Bag. Dirt Bag was my baby! It’s hard for me to pat myself on the back and not simultaneously throw myself under the bus (female socialization is The Worst), but it was a thing and I was good at it. It was a party truly for everyone and I think people really felt that.

About a year ago, I decided to take a break, knowing it was possibly the end of Bruce LaBruiser, my DJ persona. While I know I did the right thing for myself and achieved many of the things I hoped my break would set in motion, I miss it all of the time. I miss the people and the nightlife, but mostly, I miss the music. I miss the epic project of searching for songs, editing them, creating a narrative, a flow, a vibe. In the last couple of months, a lot of people started asking me when or if I was going to DJ again. I was secretly toying with the idea of putting out a mix to honor the anniversary of the end of Dirt Bag, but then my friend, Chelsea Starr, asked me to DJ her new party, Lez Do It, and boom! There was my sign.

This Thursday, December 3, I am DJing for the first time in a year at Lez Do It. It will be a for real Throwback Thursday! Except that I’m playing a lot of new music, but details… details… I don’t know what this means for me as a DJ. I’m dipping a toe in. I will not be throwing any parties, but I don’t know, maybe I’ll be around a little here and there?

Here are some old DJ sets of mine! You can download them for free. Click on them for setlists.



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